Nieuwe paus


De Paus treedt af en een nieuwe paus komt, maar hoe gaat dat?

Paus Benedictus treedt af op 28 februari 2013. Hij kondigde dit aan in een vergadering met kardinalen. Dit was zijn verklaring:

"Worth brethren,

I have convened you for this consistory not only for the three holy declarations, but also to inform you of a decision that is very important to the existence of the church. After repeatedly speaking to God in my own mind, I have come to the firm conviction that my powers are no longer sufficient to fulfill Peter's office adequately. I am well aware that this office, which is predominantly spiritual in nature, should not only be carried out with words and deeds, but also with prayers and sufferings. However, in today's world, that subject is of so many rapid changes and it is boasted by questions of great importance to the life of faith, it is necessary to have a powerful mind and a powerful body around the ship of the Saint Peter tooto direct and proclaim the gospel.

This power has decreased in the last few months, to such an extent that I have to admit that I'm not able to fulfill the duties assigned to me. For this reason, and I am very aware of the seriousness of this act, I declare in full freedom that I entrusted the office of Bishop of Rome, successor of Saint Peter, on 28 February at 20:00, to me by the cardinals on April 19, 2005, and that at that moment the Holy See, the seat of Saint Peter, is vacant and a conclave has to be convened and that those who are authorized to have to choose a new church father.

Ladies and gentlemen, I sincerely thank you for all the love and work you have supported me in my office and I ask you forgiveness for all my shortcomings. And now let us entrust the Holy Church to the care of our Shepherd, Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Mother Mary to assist the cardinals in choosing a new pope with her maternal counsel. As for myself, I also want to serve the Holy Church of God in the future by devoting my life to prayer. "

Source: David Haakman NRCNow that the pope is to resign, there must be a new pope, how that is still complicated. A pope is chosen from the college of cardinals. There are a number of things the new pope has to adhere to:

- The age is taken into account.
- He must speak the Italian and English language.
- Public appearance is important.
- He needs the current Vatican ideas

The election takes place by the cardinals in the conclave. Voting is according to a number of very important rules:

- Cardinals are over 80
non-voting and
are not allowed in
the conclave.
- Maximum number
Cardinals participating
to the conclave
set at 120.
- There is a maximum of 4
voting rounds per day, including
every 3 days a
rest period is set.
- You must at least
two-thirds of the votes
have to the pope too
to become.

Voting is done by ballot papers, every cardinal present will vote for it. The cardinal puts the filled-in ballot paper into the bowl. Then the votes are counted by the 3 members of the voting committee, previously chosen by the cardinals themselves.

When all votes are counted, the count is written and puts a button at the end of the thread with all ballots. At the end of such a round of voting, the forms will be burned. If no new pope has been chosen, black smoke comes from the chimney of the Sistine chapel, then some chemical is added to the fire. Thus they give the people outside the chapel that no new pope has yet been chosen. If they eventually chose a pope, white smoke comes from the chimney.

Then the new pope is asked if he accepts and accepts the decision. Then he turns over the ring and pulls the papal clothes. Then the new pope is presented to the people outside from the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica.